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HDPE Flat Sachets
HDPE Flat Sachets
  • Flat bags made of HDPE are natural transparent (slightly milky) but also coloured and individual printed available on request.
  • In addition to individual custom made bags according to customers specification (size, thickness, material, individual print), we have different sizes and thicknesses in stock, but only in transparent version.
  • Special production on request.
  • A flat bag has no side or bottom fold.
  • They are useful for storing and protecting food and other small and spare parts of all kinds, the material is food approved and has a high strength.

blocked version (tear off bags)

HDPE Flat Sachets blocked
HDPE Flat Sachets blocked
  • Flat bags made of HDPE without patch handle
  • perforated on top to allow tear off - with 2 suspension holes
  • without a bottom fold
  • clear / natural
  • blocked version

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