Anti-corrosion films, sachets, bags and covers.

Anti-Corrosion Cover
  • No intrusive odours
  • No health risks
  • Balanced price-performance ratio
  • No special handling required now during processing
  • No nitrate, phospate or chrome compounds are used
  • Very high level of effectiveness, DIN 50 017 KFW testing method
  • Good processability
  • High mechanical strengths Recylable  



Losses resulting from damage by corrosion cost billions every year. Corrosion prevention is a demanding issue in the films industry, but one which has so far only been solved to a limited level of satisfaction by the use of VCI films. The VCI additives used to date in the production of polyethylene films mostly demonstrate various disadvantages. Problems have arisen from strong intrusive odours, high material costs, partially insufficient effectiveness and, not least, from health concerns.

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