Round bottom bags
Round bottom bags
  • bags with round bottom welded for round containers.
  • Buckets, barrels, fiber drums and pails get maximum protection provided.
  • The round-bottomed bag is used for any type of storage and transport of liquids, pastes, powders and granules.
  • Made of LDPE, HDPE, PP, films with aluminium and coextrusion films.
  • Thus, our round-bottom bags are also used for solvent-containing products, flammable materials, products which are filled hot and for oxidizing and hygroscopic materials.

Summary of the material types:

Materialtype possible delivery forms Heat resistance
LDPE food-safe 80° C - 90° C
  electrically conductive  
HDPE food-safe up to 120° C
Polyproylen food-safe 125° C - 140° C
Aluminium compound Barrier foil for 80° C - 160° C
  Atmospheric humidity  
coextruded films Barrier foil for 80°C - 125°C
  Chemical resistance  

Your advantages:

  • Round bottom bags are the right linings which optimally lay themselves out to the respective container without folds
  • While using round bottom bag a complete withdrawal of the filling product is possible
  • An emptying with suction pumps or the use of stirring works is possible without problems
  • Your one way container preserved by a round bottom bag increases it to a multy-trip container
  • Expensive replacement costs of containers are dropped
  • The round bottom bag protects valuable barrels from pollution so that a cost-intensive cleaning of the containers is no longer required
  • The round bottom bag also permits use of more economical recondited barrels
  • The round bottom bag can be disposed very easily after use
  • A contamination of the contents is excluded by using of a round bottom bag
  • The bags are produced individually after your container measures and ideas.
  • You determine the size, the colour and the material. We like to advise you.


The following formats are technically possible
Diameter: 90 mm to 1250 mm
Standing height: 100 mm to 3000 mm
Foil strengths: 30 µ m to 300 µ m

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