On the following pages, you can see everything about how oil can ultimately be made into a polyethylene (PE) film.

We will explain to you why some films rustle like paper and others feel much softer. Is this still the same product?

What happens to my carrier bag when it is no longer usable?

We have tried to keep the technical explanations as understandable as possible, but there is also a little chemistry involved.


We hope you enjoy these explanations.

What is Polyethylene?


The polyethylene for our films is produced from oil.




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From Film to Product


The film hose coming from the extruder can be further processed more in an onward production stage.


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Polyethylen and the Environment


From an ecological point of view, polyethylene is one of the most environmentally friendly materials:

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From Polyethylene to Film


We have polyethylene supplied as granulate. This granulated is melted down in extruders.



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Polyethylene film can be reused, i.e. a used film can be made into a "new" film.



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