Adhesive Seal Sachets
Adhesive Seal Sachets

These are LDPE, HDPE or PP resealable sachets.


  • They have a flap, generally tapered, to which an adhesive film is applied. The adhesive film is protected by a paper- or filmstrip.
  • Before using the sachet, this protective is removed. The adhesive film can be designed for multiple or single use, i.e. the film is damaged when opening the flap.
  • Adhesive seal sachets are ideal for storing and protecting catalogues, textiles etc. 
  • We can also offer individual production. A printing up to 10 colours is possible.

Standard Stock Goods:


LDPE adhesive seal sachets with recycling mark, with tapered cap, flap with 6 mm wide adhesive strip and 12 mm wide paper cover.

The adhesive tape can be used several times, the film doesn´t break while opening the bag.

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