Application areas:


Cleansing agents for kitchens, windows, baths and floors.



Simply add the sachets with the concentrated cleaning agent to a high quality and reusable spray bottle or wash/cleaning bucket. The sachet dissolves with no residue.

For the private user:

  • Great price advantage
  • No weight to carry
  • Uses long-life, top quality spray guns with first class spray heads and high performance
  • Saves space in the cleaning cupboard
  • No need for a rubbish bag
  • No disposable bottles in the bin


For the professional user:

  • Accurate dosing
  • Shorter distances
  • Object economy in storage costs 


For the producer

  • Reduction in transport costs
  • Space-saving on the sale shelf
  • Savings in packaging costs
  • Product in the zeitgeist and meeting customer wishes  

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