By special fabrications, we mean everything which is out of the ordinary but still possible.


E.g. we have produced aluminium compound film sachets in 600 x 5000 mm format. Or are you looking for radiation sterilised sachets for use in pharmacy?


Special fabrications also include:


  • Compound Aluminium Sachets
  • Round-bottomed Bags
  • Box Covers. The box cover is a protective cover, exactly manufactured .
    Damages or pollutions of the covered product are prevented.
    The box cover is welded boxily from LDPE foil or aluminium composite foil.
    The production is carried out following your individual wishes (length of x breadth x height x material thickness).
    The production is carried out already as of 1 piece.
    Fitting ground leaves can be manufactured on request to this.
  • Strapping Film
  • Valve Bags 
  • Two-chamber bags contain different goods in separate chambers. Shortly before use, the contents of the two chambers are mixed together by removing the separating clip. The two products are mixed and react when coming together. These bags are very often used in medical applications.


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