• With our stretch film, you can pack any size or type of pallet desired. The pallet is completely enclosed. Your goods are protected against serious dirt, damp and theft. Our stretch film is economical and will adapt to the goods being packed. Consumption of both materials and time is pleasantly low, making this an economical alternative.
  • Alternatively, we can recommend our power qualities with various stetch capabilities and our super plus quality, which allows for significant reductions in thickness.
  • Do you require castfilm or bubble film?
  • Or do you need tinted stretch film? Our black, tinted stretch film is highly resistant to UV and therefore particularly suitable for pallets that are to be stored outside for long periods of time. Furthermore, the black film blocks the view into the pallets, which provides greater protection against theft.
  • We produce various qualities, specifically to suit your requirements and applications.
  • As an accessory, we can supply dispenser devices for hand stretch film. We do, of course, also produce pallet cover sheets either on the roll with a tear perforation or loose.

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