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In order to be able to supply attractive carrier bags to those customers who have more limited requirements and for whom the cost of individually printed carrier bags is not justified, we stock a range of various motifs and formats.

We are also happy to fall back on our stock range, if delivery of the order for individually printed carrier bags will take a little longer.




Find out about the various types here:


DSC - Dual Strength Carrier Bags:

The most popular is the DSC carrier bag, DSC = Dual Strength Carrier. This is a LDPE or HDPE carrier bag, with a welded or glued sheet reinforcer around the handle hole. This serves to increase carrying capacity, i.e. up to approx. 15-16 kg.



Carrier Bags with Handle Area:

Alternatively, there is the carrier bag with a double or triple handle area. To increase the strength here, no reinforcement is applied to the handle hole, but rather the bag thickness is doubled or tripled over the entire width of the bag in the area of the handle hole.


Sine Carrier Bags:

Or choose the sine carrier bag. This is generally made of HDPE, which makes the bag cost-effective due to the economisation on materials. An interesting carrier bag for high production quantities. Another attractive carrier bag - also for high production quantities - is the flexiloop handle carrier bag. It offers high weight-carrying capacity and equally high carrying comfort. Also ideal for reusing later.


Carrier Bags with Cord Handles:

For the exclusive user, we stock carrier bags with cord handles and inlaid base card, as well as carrier bags with welded on double or single plastic handles. Also available with a rain flap. The ideal protection for purchases in bad weather.


Vest Style Carrier Bags:

Our HDPE or LDPE carrier bags are the cheaper alternative to DSC bags, ideal for smaller purchase items or simply just as a service product for lower profit sale products.


For smaller requirements, or to cover short periods until your individually printed carrier bags arrive, we recommend our stock goods.

Allow us to advice you.