Extrusion Line

We have polyethylene supplied as granulate. This granulated is melted down in extruders.

An extruder is like a large, heated mincer. This liquid is then blown over a large blow head like a gum bubble, cooled and merged via rollers into a film hose.

The film hose is wound into large rolls and old or further processed.


It is possible to see, feel and hear the different properties of HDPE and LDPE. The longer and more branched molecule chains make HDPE tougher and harder than LDPE. This is why, in the past, people spoke of HARD PE and SOFT PE. A HDPE film is tougher and makes a rustling sound, like paper. A LDPE film feels softer and thicker. It will not rustle.


Because of the high strength properties, it is now possible to produce HDPE films down to approx. 5 µ - one µ (a greek letter, pronounced "mew") is equal to one thousandth of a millimetre - whereas LDPE films are rarely produced thinner than 12 µ. By contrast, a 200 µ LDPE film is still highly flexible whereas a 200 µ HDPE film seems as stiff as board.




Whether to use HDPE films or LDPE films is ultimately decided by the product to be packaged and our customer. The consumer can easily recognize the difference by looking at the recyling symbol:


04 = LDPE

02 = HDPE


However, both are and remain polyethylene.


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