Wheater Resistance



Dear Sir or Madam, We are an event and organisation agency for the outdoor area. We are currently in the process of building a giant maze. This should consist of wood and foil. Therefore, we are looking for a highly tearproof film, which is weather resistant, non-transparent and approx. 250 cm wide. The length is still being calculated, but will certainly be 2000 - 3000 m. Could you help us with this?




We only process environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE). On eof the properties of PE is that it disintegrates under the effect of light and oxygen and dissolves into its base components of carbon and hydrogen.

By adding so-called UV stabilisers to the film during manufacturing, this phenomenon can be delayed. Even colouring the film black will delay disintegration - and give you a non-transparent film (the question then being whether you like it this way).

A thicker film takes longer to decompose and has greater strength values. We would recommend a black coloured film (possible also UV stabilised) in a film strength of 250 - 300 my (0.250 - 0.300 mm) for you.